Formula E: All the Speed Without the Noise

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Sometimes I wish this type of racing would come to my neck of the woods. In this video, Formula E is described as being the quietest race in the world.

So what is Formula E, exactly? It’s F1 racing with electricity-powered cars. Because they’re electric, they’re inherently much quieter. If you want a good idea of what to expect at a race like this, checkout the above video. For an idea of what a whole race is like, checkout the below video featuring the Formula E 2015 Round 7 race in Monaco.

Granted, these races are much shorter (40-60 laps), but even still, these races are still exciting and the cars zip around like that Tesla you wish you owned. Watch out for the beginning action. During the broadcast they keep track of each car’s charge levels.

I love Formula E. It’s not on TV very often here in my market (likely because F1 races typically get delegated to some of the lesser-watched Fox networks and Comcast doesn’t carry like Fox Sports 2).