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Dual-SIM Support Available Sometime After iOS 12 Release

A newly posted Apple support document details how to set up a 2nd SIM within an iPhone Xs or Xs Max. The process seems pretty straight forward but there’s one specific caveat to the current arrangement. When the iPhone Xs releases with iOS 12 next week, support won’t quite yet be available. Apple says the feature will be available “with an update to iOS 12 coming later this year.”

Beside that, there are a couple extra notes that everyone should pay attention to:

  • In order to set up the second number/plan/SIM, you need to use a QR code from the carrier or their app
  • Using two different carrier requires the phone to be unlocked. If you’re on Verizon, this is likely to be a non-issue as all 4G phones from them are unlocked, already.
  • If one of the carriers is of the CDMA variety (in the U.S. that’s Verizon and Sprint), the 2nd cannot be of the CDMA variety. This means one cannot have two Verizon SIMs, two Sprint SIMs, or a Verizon and Sprint SIM.
  • The eSIM can be made the primary.
  • Enterprise/corporate plans may not support this feature.

All of this seems pretty straightforward. It’s not clear why dual CDMA won’t work, though I imagine this has more to do with CDMA as a technology than anything else.

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