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I struggled to come up with a title for this post. I pondered some long thing that involved describing the app and what the post is about and I pondered using some marketing lingo. In the end, I chose neither.

So instead I used a single word. This post is merely about Drop, the mobile app that lets you earn points by using your debit and credit cards and in exchange, those points turn into rewards.

I discovered Drop through r/passiveincome. It works by linking with your banks of choice and offering you a selection of businesses. Pick the ones you shop at/spend money with the most and you’ll be rewarded. Once you pick your five businesses, the points will start trickling in. The return rate isn’t as lucrative as cash back from the majority of credit card companies, but it’ll open access to a reward system for debit cards, something that’s super rare in today’s market.

From time to time, Drop presents you with a one-time offer from a particular merchant. In my case, I received offers from Amazon, Nordstrom, Wealthsimple, and others, all for varying amounts of points in exchange for spending a certain number of dollars. Sometimes these payouts were wonderous. Sometimes not. Your mileage will vary.


As you accumulate points, reward tiers open up to you. Points convert at a rate of 1,000 per dollar or $0.001 per point. Spend your points on things like Starbucks, Amazon.com gift cards, the Apple store, and more. At the time I wrote this, I had accumulated 122,415 points, the equivalent of $120 worth of rewards. (Update December 7, 2017: I’ve earned an additional 73,334 points since this post was first published for a grand total of 195,749, or roughly $195 worth of redeemable rewards) Consider this an outlying circumstance. A particular offer netted me a large amount of points but required a significant outlay on my part. I wouldn’t have gone for it, normally, but it was in an area and from a merchant I was already considering so the bonus was enough to push me over the top and commit.

It takes a few days for points to show up from transactions. I find most perpetually-offered… eh… offers show up within 5 days.

Rewards are digital, so be ready for that. It shouldn’t be much of an issue for most merchants but if you were planning on gifting something you earned from drop, keep that in mind when you consider your delivery method.

Once you’re signed up for Drop, referring friends nets you both 1,000 points a piece. This is where I tell you that at the time I wrote this, Drop isn’t open to the public, yet, but if you go here you’ll gain access, anyway Drop is now open to the general public. Head here to sign up.

I’m always looking for easy, low-/zero-resistance ways to snag a few extra dollars on the side. This app seems to be helping me out quite a bit thus far. As long as it continues to be useful, I’ll continue using it.

Would I like to see a wider variety of offers? Sure. Offers for place I already shop or have heard of extensively is nice from a familiarity/trust perspective but there has to be a few brands/merchants out there that would interest me that I’ve never heard of. Perhaps once Drop is open to the general public there’ll be more of that.


Update 3: Drop is available to the general public.

Update 2: after I wrote this post, I realized it sounded pretty much like a puff piece, selling Drop. It wasn’t meant that way. This post came about in the middle of the night after failing to fall asleep and tossing some words into the blog often helps [[1]][10]. So it seemed only fitting to talk about something I like.

Update 1: Canadian? If you haven’t heard of Carrot Rewards, they’ve partnered with Drop to help you earn rewards, too. There’s also a partnership with Borrowell, also.

  1. Seriously. Look at the time on the screenshot. [↩︎][14]