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Desk 1.2

Desk is now defunct. I’m leaving this here for posterity.

I am super stoke to see Desk reach version 1.2. I’m also stoked to see a bunch of stuff fixed or improved that I was itching for!

I’ve been a user of desk for the last month and change, and I’m still really enjoying the app. It’s simple and it practically forces me to think about writing first. A couple of the biggest changes that I was looking forward to were the ability to adjust view amount of screen real estate being used for text (and the fact that it’s adjustable), and the spacing between paragraphs has been fixed. The issue surrounding odd spacing showing up in the editor when text was stylized seems to be fixed, too, which is a nice plus!

If you’re not a Desk user, go download it now. It’s $30 on the Mac App Store and well worth the price!

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