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Johnathan.org is operated, maintained, and written by myself, Johnathan Lyman. I’ve maintained this blog to varying degrees since 2014 and have been on the web in about two dozen different formats since 2001-ish. Johnathan.org is my personal blog, first and foremost, where I write about topics that interest me. In particular, technology, some current events, videos, and other bits I discover are what you’re most likely to see here.

Since 2014, I’ve created almost 400 posts. About 350 of them (as of mid-September 2018) have made it through the various transitions this site has seen. A few of them were so highly irrelevant or didn’t make sense. In hindsight, keeping them around seems like the right thing to do, but I’ve opted to move forward.

Johnathan.org is not a full-time project for me right now, though I would not turn down the opportunity to make one someday.

Hosting and Toolchain and Standards

Johnathan.org is a Ghost-powered site hosted exclusively on Linode. DNS by DNSimple. Domains by Hover.

Everything should look fine on all modern mobile devices and browsers. Anything older like IE11 or from multiple years ago might have a bad time, and that’s on you. Update your stuff. If you’re using a current browser or mobile device and finding Johnathan.org difficult to navigate, let me know here.


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