Anker Magnetic Car Mount

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There is a newer version of this product available here that uses the air vent, instead. The reviewed version has been discontinued.

There’s one problem I haven’t been able to solve 100% effectively thus far and that’s finding a way to hold my phone in my car without 1) using my hands and 2) placing it somewhere loosely. As I was pondering how I could solve this a couple weeks ago, I got word Anker wanted to ship me something that could potentially solve the problem.

Enter the Anker Universal Magnetic Car Mount.

Billed as a simple and sturdy solution to the dilemma I face, I was eager to give it a try.

The premise is simple. The mount aheres to your dashboard and attaches to your phone magnetically. In the box comes a couple adhesive magnet plates to attach to your devices.

Really, that’s it. It seems pretty simple.

Except it didn’t quite turn out that way.

As much as I wanted to really like this product, I just couldn’t. The ahesive on the mount was poor and thus wouldn’t stick to any useful surface in my car. There were a few places it did stick, but they weren’t easily accessible and seemed just as unhelpful as not having the mount at all.

Attaching the magnetic plate was easy but getting it off was a challenge. Anker suggests using floss(!) or fishing wire(!!) to remove it. I don’t know about you but I don’t fish. The floss was useless as it was just too weak. I ended up getting it off with tweezers. I also have a new scratch on the back of my phone. (Good thing the next iPhone is coming soon.)

It’s a great idea in concept and perhaps if you’re lucky enough to have better in-vehicle surfaces to attach the mount to, you’ll have a better time than I did. As it stands right now, I’m not sure it’ll ever be useful for me. If I still have it when the time comes one day that I replace my car, I might end up using it.

That day isn’t today.