After Three Weeks

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I started the Bloc Rails Web Development bootcamp three weeks ago and I’d like to go over my experiences so far.

The last few weeks have been pretty great, actually. There’s a lot of material to cover but it’s done in such a way that it’s broken down into small chunks. Assignments extend on the material being taught and incorporate material learned prior. Each assignment builds on the one before it and the beginning project walks you through the entire process.

Future projects are more open-ended and require the student to call upon what was learned in order to succeed. I am only a few weeks in after all so I haven’t been able to relfect upon the open-ended projects. However taking a cursory glance at them tells me they’re not overly challenging but they do require dedication and that you paid attention to the introductory courses.

I look forward to the next three weeks. With Christmas approaching, I don’t suspect I’ll be as active in the program (I’ve progressed much farther than the minimum states). After the first of the year, I predict I’ll be into one of the open projects and what I’ve learned will be tested. A challenge never hurts.