Additional Details About What Happened to AirPower

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Writing on his blog, Sonny Dickson says:

According to our sources, the broad feeling of many working the project at Apple is that the device may be doomed to failure, and may not be viable at all unless significant advancements can be made.

I brought up AirPower yesterday in the recap of John Gruber’s post about the most recent Apple event. This post just further solidifies the rumors that AirPower has entered a state where it’s not likely to ever be completed. Sonny’s post goes into pretty great detail about the specific issues the development team is facing. I can’t imagine it’s uncommon for projects to face substantial setbacks like this, but what blows my mind (and many an Apple pundit, alike) is that they announced this so soon.

As someone that has several wireless charging mats and an iPhone X, Watch, and AirPods, I would have liked to see AirPower come to be. Right now, one gets a mat, one gets a wireless-cable mix, and the third gets a regular USB-A to Lightning cable.

The Apple of just a few years ago wouldn’t have announced AirPower until it was close to if not entirely ready for shipping. Last year they mentioned it, said nothing, then all but eliminated reference to it. I can’t say it’s over–there’s a chance it’ll make its way out into the daylight–but odds aren’t good.