A Post I Wrote with Writed

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I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting apps that make the desktop writing experience more enjoyable. I’m a big fan of Desk and iA Writer and wondered what other kinds of markdown-based writing tools were out there.

A quick Google search turned up more than a few and I only had time to talk about one, tonight, so I picked a free entry in the space, Writed.

I’m a believer of having a good-quality, distraction-free writing environment to craft stories, blog posts, news articles, and even school papers*, one of the biggest things to me is the ability to go full-on distraction-free mode and be able to just write, without anything else getting in the way. Writed does the full-screen writing mode well with several styles to choose from. Since it was night when I wrote this, I found it suitable to sit by a lamp at my desk and use the Night theme. The contrast is good and I’m not struggling to see. Plus, if I darken the brightness of my screen, the dark grey background becomes almost black, and the words still pop.

99% Distraction Free

A word and character counter sit at the bottom of the screen, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to make that bar disappear, so strictly speaking, I’m not operating in full distraction-free mode like my favorites would alow me to do, but we’re close. To be honest, I like to see the numbers from time to time because it feels like I’m increasing some magical word score and I’m shooting for a high score. I have this odd fascination with things that allow me to attain exceedingly high scores with no real reward at the end but an even higher score.

Basic Markdown Support

Writed does markdown writing well with it’s backtick ( ` ) code support, as well as proper emphasis with single and double-underscore and -asterisk support. Headers and code blocks work fine, as well as blockquoting with greater-than carats ( the > symbol).

If I was going to chang anything about this application, I’d only do one thing: make the bottom bar something I can hide. Given that it’s a slightly different color in the theme, it stands out from the rest of the editing space and is just a smidge distracting. Other than that, I like Writed and for the price of FREE with a couple optional in-app purchases, it’s super hard to say no to such an app that gets the basic markdown-centric-distraction-limited-writing-space job done.