31 Sites for Completely Free Stock Photos

It goes without saying that people like looking at pictures of stuff. Blog posts and sites with images also tend to perform better. I find myself looking for images a lot and one thing I’m not up for doing is paying a lot of money for royalty-free photos for my low volume Web site or personal projects. If you’re reading this, you’re likely in that same boat so without further ado, here’s 31 sites that offer 100% free, high-quality stock photos covering various subject matters.

Each of the images you see came from their service to give you an idea of what to expect.

1. StockSnap.io


This one’s on my personal favorite list. StockSnap has a great search functionality and a huge database of awesome images. Filter images by tag or Photographer and even upload your own.

2. Unsplash


Unsplash is also one of my favorite and is quite popular. Images vary greatly in size, subject matter, and style, but all are super high quality.

3. Bossfight

bossfightI added Bossfight to my personal list in January 2015 and in that time, I’ve watched it grow quite steadily. If I need an image on the more creative side or with unique subject matter, this is where I go.

4. Barn Images

barnimagesBarn Images is super new to my list, just a couple weeks, but they look promising. With roughly a thousand photos in their collection so far, I see this site going places. Give them your email and they’ll send you their Best Images Pack.

5. Gratisography

gratisographyIf there’s one thing I need to give Gratisography credit for, it’s that some of their photos have that true professional feel.

6. Negative Space

negativespaceThis one came up through research so I don’t know much about them but the selection looks great and the images are relevant. Sign up for their newsletter and they’ll send you exclusives to your email.

7. Splitshire

splitshireAlso very new to my list, Splitshire lets you see what’s most popular as well as their featured list of images.

8. Little Visuals

littlevisualsWhile it hasn’t been updated since 2013, I keep this site on my list because the creator passed suddenly from S.A.D.S (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) and I think it’s a great way to memorialize his work. Images came in weeks and there are 13 weeks available for download. You can also donate to his family via the site, too, to support the distribution of portable defibrillators to schools and sports facilities.

9. Life of Pix

lifeofpixImage selection is great with this site but image downloads aren’t very quick. This might be just a regional issue, but it’s worth noting, nonetheless.

10. Death to The Stock Photo

DeathtoStock1.jpgI love this site because the images here are themed and the quality is great. Get free photos by email every month if you give them your email address.

11. Super famous Studios

superfamousYou’ll find some great imagery here but keep in mind attribution is required for usage. I have to attribute the above image to Superfamous Studios.

12. Pic Jumbo

picjumboYou’ll find great categories chock full of images. The ads are a little bit much but are easy to ignore. Pic jumbo was recently acquired by Google so who knows what’ll happen with it in the future.

13. New Old Stock

newoldstockIf you only bookmark one unique site from this list, make it New Old Stock. Created by Cole Townsend, you’ll find nothing but awesome, high-quality historical images from public archives. The history buff inside you will rejoice.

14. Refe

refeYou’ll find an array of natural looking photos, here. Either take advantage of their free stash or pony up a bit of cash for their curated collection. The “checkout” process for free photos is a bit painful, however: you have to give them your information before you can download.

15. Freestocks.org

freestocksFind all sorts of great images, here. View related images and sort by tag if you need more of the same theme.

16. Snapwire Snaps

snapwiresnapsSnappier Snaps is an image blog featuring seven new photos every week from the folks at Snappier. The images re great and the themes vary so you know there’ll be something fresh all the time.

17. Pixabay

pixabayI wasn’t sure if I wanted to feature Pixabay on this list since they require you to sign up to download originals and present captchas for every other size to un-registered users. Still, the images are pretty good and there’s a huge selection.

18. Kaboom Pics

kaboompicsFind photos by category or tag, here. While the quality is good and the selection is up there, the modal window asking you to follow them on the social networks can get annoying.

19. ISO Republic

isorepublicYou’ll find this site has a similar feel to Pixabay and Pic Jumbo. The images are still really good and if you’re looking for something more, they have premium photo packs, as well.

20. Morgue file

morguefileContrary to the name, you won’t find any dead bodies, here. Just some unique photos of varying quality.

21. Public Domain Archive


Another one on the “has many vintage, historical photos” list. If these historical images aren’t your thing, they have more traditional collections, as well.

22. Pexels

pexelsMost of the images, here, are of very high quality and if you’re so inclined, you can show financial support to the photographer.

23. Fancy Crave

fancycraveGet two new images every single day from pro photographers. The images are great and have that slightly-hipsters feel.

24. Stocka

stockaAs the site says, Stocka wants to be your source for free stock photos. I can see that being plausible; their collection is pretty good and gives you the option to search or browse by a decent sized category list.

25. Startup Stock Photos

startupstockphotosIf you’re launching a product or business, Startup Stock Photos wants your attention. The images are of high quality and have a feel like ones you’d see featured on tomorrow’s startup’s site.

26. Stockvault

stockvaultIf you were hoping to find free stock photos that look like stock photos, this isn’t your place. The images here, though, are super high quality and the collection is massive. I remember first finding Stockvault about five years ago and still, today, the quality remains.

27. Lock and Stock Photos

lockandstockphotos.jpgYou’ll find some unique photos, here, for sure. Lock and Stock Photos isn’t a super huge site but there’s enough variety to keep you coming back for some time.

28. DesignersPics

designerspicsSearch for good quality photos or browse by category. The images here are varied enough to make this site worth bookmarking and returning to for any kind of project.

29. Picography

picographyThe images are super high quality and some have that hipster vibe that many like. Bookmark this one, for sure.

30. The Light Painter’s Loft

thelightpaintersloftI love this site for one reason: not only are there high-quality photos, released in packs, with no stipulations whatsoever, if you really want more of that image theme, you can toss out a few bucks for a premium membership and get the rest of the set.

31. Free Nature Stock

freenaturestockIf you need nature-themed images, specifically, add this site to your list. New photos are added daily. Who doesn’t love nature?

If you feel like I missed any, let me know. If you’re the owner of a site that you think should be on this list, also get in touch.

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