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My name is Johnathan Lyman. I'm an engineer at Papertrail, a huge Apple nerd and semi-regular blogger. I enjoy bubble tea way too much and find Farming Simulator relaxing.

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December 2017 Archives

Goals for 2018

It’s easy to look back on the last year and realize all the things that never got done… all the habits that were never broken… all the weight that was never lost… the miles never ran… books never read… but what I find truly hard is looking at what the next year should hold and how to keep myself accountable for it all.

Around this time every year I start lofting these wonderful things I want to do high up into the rafters of my brain and telling myself I’ll pull them down when the time is right and it’ll be spectacular. The reality is more along the lines of forgetting half of them and not doing any of them. One of the ways I hope to combat this is paring the list down to known accomplishable goals—things that I’ve probably done in the past that are reusable for this next year.

My list is split up into three categories: writing, personal enrichment, and health. I felt these were the most pertinent for their own reasons and can have the highest overall impact on my wellbeing and course of life in 2018.


My 2017 Year in Review

While working on my goals for 2018, I realized I missed out on a lot of things I didn’t do that didn’t come with good reasons. A lot’s changed over the last year and and I’m glad all of it’s happened, but I definitely neglected certain aspects of my life. Some of these neglects made their way into my 2018 goals list (coming in the next post) and some of them landed here for brief discussion.


Status: Available

Over the holiday weekend, I contemplated this post from Jason Fried, the CEO and Founder of Basecamp. If you’re curious how Basecamp as a company feels about knowing if staff are “online” or not, the opening stanza says it all:

As a general rule, nobody at Basecamp really knows where anyone else is at any given moment. Are they working? Dunno. Are they taking a break? Dunno. Are they at lunch? Dunno. Are they picking up their kid from school? Dunno. Don’t care.


Doubling Down on DNS Records

It might seem like a pretty silly thing to most but doubling up on DNS records (having a domain name point to two complete sets of name servers from two different DNS providers) is a wise and relatively easy way to add a touch of redundancy to your web properties.


The (Un)Balanced Social Media Landscape

I discovered some stats from a 2016 Harvard study which discussed politics in the social media landscape. It’s a good read and worth checking out, but one (actually three partial) things stood out most of all: the political distribution on the open web, social media, and especially Facebok in particular.


On Moving to

The idea of moving to a first-name.tld-type domain had been on my mind for quite a while. I settled on after much internal deliberation and stomaching with the fact that it wasn’t available for just a handful of dollars a year. I ended up buying the domain from a private party a few weeks ago, and now that the dust is settled, I feel comforatable explaining my reasons behind the change. (more…)

Fixing Browsersync Not Reloading


I wanted to jot this down real quick while I work on the next version of this site. I’m using Gulp and Browsersync and for the life of me I couldn’t get the reload to actually take place. Turns out I didn’t specify properly what files Browsersync needs to trigger when changed.

Here’s the gulp.task() that worked for me:

gulp.task('browsersync', function (callback) {  
    proxy: 'localhost:2368',
    files: ['app/**/*.hbs', 'app/assets/scss/**/*.scss']


Note the files: array added to the browserSync.init() function. That’s the ticket, right there.

Once I did that, it was magic sauce all over again.

Micro Posts

I ordered clothing from AliExpress. Blog post on my experience coming soon.


Micro Posts

Get ready for some design changes. Some of them are to better incorporate micro posts into the blog.

Amateur Colorist


A couple weeks ago, I snagged an iPad Pro 10.5" on a Black Friday deal. At the time, I had a pretty good idea that I’d end up getting an Apple Pencil to go with it.

Sure enough, just last Friday, I waltzed into an Apple Store at 9PM and bought one.

The first thing I found myself doing with it is scribbling in Ten minutes later, I downloaded Pigment and the rest is history.

Really, it’s not history, but I’m having a blast and am considering opening a section on my site for some of the work I’ve done. Pigment lets users export in glorious detail (up to 4096px in either direction) so long as they’ve paid. At $10/month (or $5/month paid yearly), it’s not an inexpensive app, but the flow of designs is strong and the current collection is pretty large.

I’ve found myself spending several hours at a time just plugging (tapping and stroking?) away at the app and already have a couple pretty cool pieces to show for it.

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