I’ve been mulling this idea over in my head for a few weeks, now and now I think it’s time to start it. I’m starting a series of posts on various managed WordPress offerings and my impressions of them. Since I run a WordPress site by hand, I believe it’ll allow me to have a fair point of view when it comes to transitioning to a managed service.

What I’ll be looking for is a roughly the following:

  1. Signup Process. How easy was it to sign up for the service?
  2. Migration. How much time would it take to migrate a site and if it costs more, how much extra?
  3. Launching. How easy it is to go live from the time the account becomes active?
  4. Extra Features. Are things like SSL and CDNs included? Are they limited to certain plans?
  5. Price Point. How much would it cost to get into the service?
  6. Free Trials. This is a big one for a lot of people. Does the service have a free trial that can be exercised?

Here’s a list of the services I plan on going over in the next month or so:











If you have any other services you’d like to see covered, please let me know in the comments below.

Stay tuned!