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The Microwave

I chuckled at this one, because the struggle is real.

However, it got me to thinking. What are some of the small things in life that are actually quite enjoyable and satisfying?

I think for me, one of the most satisfying small things is when I sit down to write, I have this sudden flow of words, as if they came out of nowhere. I don’t have to look at my list of things I want to talk about, I don’t have to browse the Internet looking for inspiration.

It just happens.


end game (n.) – the late or final stages of any activity.

Thinking about what my goal for this blog is made me realize: I don’t have one.

I’m ok with that. There’s something to be said about just wanting to do something because you can. I don’t play video games because at one point I’ll end up being a professional gamer and spending my life playing League of Legends for money. I don’t blog because one day I want to make this site a full time job earning money.

At least not right now.

There’s always the same thought that crosses my mind every once in a while regarding the slim possibility this site ever becomes famous or even just a smidgen popular. I have plans for my blog but none of them involve some masterful end goal.

As time progresses, things change. When traffic increases, perhaps it’ll be time to focus on specific topics or themes. Right now, I ramble most of the time and post generic stuff. Sometimes there’s a theme, sometimes not.

I know people read this but I also know more people would read it if they found it interesting to them.

Right now though,t it doesn’t really matter. I write because I can, because I want to. I write because it frankly feels good to me. Some people knit, some paint. Writing makes me feel like I accomplished something.

As long as I can continue to do just that, I don’t need an end goal. And end is an exit. I don’t want to exit from writing.


Deep. Or is it? It’s hard to say.

This is one of those short films that really leave you thinking. What was it that we actually saw? What does it all mean? I dunno, but it was damn cool to watch.

Did I mention that Warner Bros. is picking it up to do a movie?


I’m always looking for interesting things I can do to my site and the series underneath if it means providing some sort of benefit, even if just a small one. I also like learning, so I got the best of both worlds when I took the time a few days ago to set up Redis as a front-end cache for WordPress.

Installing it was dead simple. I already had the PHP PECL module installed, so all I needed to do was install it via apt-get, install a WordPress plugin, and I’m on my way. It took less than ten minutes. Way cool.

Page loads drops by about half. I like that.


Acid Reflux sucks. I don’t typically suffer from such things but lately it’s been rough. Part of this big (to me) move is having to leave a place I grew up and essentially spent all of my living years behind. Compound that with everything that’s going into moving and the amount of money it really does cost to move. Don’t think you can move for cheap… that’s just not a thing.

One thing that’s been quite interesting, however, is the closer I get to the magic date, the better I feel. When everything first became a reality, I was stupid scared. I didn’t sleep well if at all, I constantly missed my alarm, wasn’t productive throughout the day, etc. It sucked.

As time has passed and I’m getting closer to April 4th, I’m starting to be okay with the idea. I’ve moved my Comcast service, I’ve set up utilities, paid some deposits, looked into things to do in the area, how the city works, etc. I’ve also allotted myself a few days before I start working at my new job to relax and enjoy the area. I know one of the first things I want to do the morning after we move in is sit on my deck and watch the sun rise. Hell yeah that sounds nice.

In Washington, I wouldn’t have the slightest opportunity to do that: we have too many tall trees and my deck faces south surrounded by those damn tall trees. In Cali, I’ll have an uninterrupted view of the east with just gentle rolling hills.

It’s thing like that that make me okay with the whole thing. I look at the weather and see it’s going to be sunny and not sad like it is in Washington. I see it’ll be warmer all around so I don’t have to wear layers to combat 37 degrees and wind and then try to pack them home in the afternoon with 55 and all sun.

Just writing about all this is making me feel less stressed out. Reflecting on all the new and cool that I’ll get to experience is making things easier on me. I’ve moved past the grieving stage and have accepted my departure as fact. The last hurdle I’ll have to jump is two days of driving. If we were driving in a car and not a moving truck, we could do it in one day (12.5 hours non-stop).

While the effects of stress still leave an effect on me every once in a while, it’s not as bad as it could be, I’m getting tired of chewing Alka Seltzer Heartburn Chewables. They taste flavorful until they ever so smoothly remind you that they’re chalky and full of hatred.

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